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Shooting Target Packages

7 100 UAH
6 127 UAH
5 776 UAH

Target armored steel stand is a high-quality device to equip the shooting ranges and testing areas. They can also be used for personnel training in unprepared shooting areas.

Shooting Target Packages for aimed shooting

Accurate and quick hitting of targets is what every soldier , draftee, and  soldier f volunteer battalion, must be skillful at. Therefore, it is important to provide decent conditions for training on aimed shooting skills.

Velmet Armor System has the training shooting equipment made of high-quality special hardened steel. The feature of this equipment lets shoot from any small arms regardless of the training areas and weather conditions.

Our e-shop sells target stands at very low manufacturer’s prices. In addition to competitive prices, our equipment has a number of favorable advantages over similar products on the Ukrainian market. Velmet Armor System’s targets and gongs are:

  • Mobile and functional
  • Simple and reliable in performance
  • High-quality and durable

Should we use old equipment for soldiers’ preparation, if today domestic product is represented with decent quality on the Ukrainian market, the purchase of which does not bring a serious blow to the budget and will let achieve better results and improvement military skills? The answer seems obvious. New time requires a modern approach to the development of practical skills at using small arms. Our gongs and targets will become an excellent option for you to design your shooting range.

Buy target Packages in Ukraine

Do you want to buy target stands in Ukraine at reasonable prices? All you need is just to do a few clicks in our e-shop. In case of a wholesale order of the target equipment and its delivery, contact our competent managers.

Our manufacturing capacity is located in the Khmelnytskiy, but we are always ready to send the goods, which got interested our client, to any region of Ukraine, using the services of popular couriers.  In case of a need to deliver an order to foreign countries, please contact our manager first for specifying delivery details and arrangements. We are looking forward to your orders!