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Concealed Body Armor

Body Armor Vest Veles-1 Black
9 883 грн.
Concealed Body Armor Vest HIDD-PRO Black
8 274 грн.

Concealed body armor is worth buying primarily for people who are not in the combat zone, but at the same time quite often stay in a zone of increased danger. These categories include employees of law enforcement agencies, security services, collectors, security guards, etc. The main feature of such gear is that, due to the low profile, it is "invisible" to outsiders, but the person in it has the proper level of protection, and the VELMET company began to make a line of hidden and semi-hidden body armor of the "HIDD-PRO", "Veles" series, which manufactured in accordance with the requirements for the 1st level of protection against bullets according to DSTU 8782: 2018 and made of modern ballistic material Dyneema®.