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Ballistic Glasses and Visors

Ballistic Goggles TREVIX
1 778 грн.
Ballistic Helmet Goggles TREVIX
1 642 грн.
Bulletproof Visor V-ARM
9 600 грн.

While on a combat mission, planning a military or reconnaissance mission, or training at a training ground, you need to be completely confident about your own equipment and safety. In particular, it is important to protect the eyes as the most vulnerable and vital organs, in which special tactical glasses and visors will greatly help.

Shooting glasses are distinguished not only by anti-splinter properties, but also by the increased strength of the frame and glass, ease and convenience in use. Comfortable temples and / or rubber straps ensure a perfect fit during use, while the comfortable shape of the lenses and often the choice of their color and characteristics guarantee both reliable eye protection and their practical properties in shooting conditions. And ballistic visors are simply necessary during assault missions, or mine clearance operations.