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Chest Rig , Chest Harness

Chest Rig Troll MaWka ® CR-T.021.001 image 1138
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Chest Rig Troll Mini MaWka ® CR-T-M.021.001 image 1213
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HYPALON shoulder straps for CHEST RIGS Ranger Green HSS.019.001 image 1414
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Rhodesian Vest Chest Rig Skeleton-S Coyote CR-S.013.001 image 382
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Chest Rig and Chest Harness chests are the simplest option for unloading systems. The product is designed to accommodate military equipment and personal equipment.

Today, tactical bibs are widely used in military conditions, as well as in the sports industry (airsoft, tourism), hunting and fishing. The design is very convenient and does not interfere with the active movements of a person, does not affect the ability to perform various maneuvers. Due to its compact size and ergonomic design, the bib can be removed quickly (even when fully loaded), which is a significant advantage over more complex hiking equipment. On the other hand, the chest rig in Ukraine is mainly used for civilian use, because to stay in the combat zone, a soldier needs reliable protection using armored plates.

Our company produces models of 2 types: conventional and modular. In the first version, the product has non-removable, sewn-on pouches. The modular chest harness can be equipped with pouches of your choice, as well as their replacement if necessary.

Features of the military modular bib from the company VELMET:

     lack of a dorsal part and a shortened length.
     minimum weight and the ability to adapt the chest rig to your size
     anatomical straps and 3D mesh inserts, no open seams
     MOLLE systems (PALS).
     the fabric has passed DWR treatment (is resistant to water, oil, dirt, aggressive chemical compounds).
     IRR protection makes the MOLLE chestpiece invisible in the beams of the thermal imager.

Bibs Velmet is a practical and wear-resistant type of unloading systems, which are not inferior in quality to expensive European counterparts.

Consultants of our online store are ready to provide any additional information about the product and features of its operation. If necessary, we will help you make the best choice, taking into account your wishes and financial capabilities.