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Spartan Weight Training Vest 12 kg Coyote SV-12.013.001 image 1389
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Spartan Weight Training Vest 6 kg Black SV-6.017.001 image 470
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Spartan Weight Training Vest 9 kg Coyote SV-9.013.001 image 468
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Fitness Weights and other accessories are necessary attributes for strength and endurance training, means for law enforcement officers, police, fighters, athletes to keep fit.

The VELMET Company manufactures goods for sports, using the experience of tactical equipment production and ammunition for the military, so the quality of the products is up to the mark. Thought-out shape and design contribute to increased training productivity, additional muscle stress and optimal performance.

Power vests and weights

Power vest is designed for doing squats, pull-ups, push-ups, jumping and running. Special fasteners promote perfect fit and close to the body. The adjustment helps to fit the size of the vest to the body-build features. The clever design does not hinder movement and guarantees complete freedom of movement.

By using weights for the arms and legs, the body is fully loaded. During the exercise, all muscle groups are worked out. Design features and weight variability depend on individual preferences and on the purpose of purchasing equipment for military special training. The scope of use of weights for the body and other parts of the body is unlimited - when choosing exercises, you need to focus on the training program.

Other Fitness Products

Other equipment can also make your workout comfortable and productive. Special accessories for sports activities expand the training program for advanced athletes and law enforcement officers. VELMET manufactures exceptionally high-quality, well-thought-out and functional equipment, because it knows the specifics of the load for fighters and professional athletes.

The range of fitness accessories in the VELMET online store:

  • power vests;
  • sports mats;
  • bags;
  • power bands.

To buy accessories for fitness and special training in the online store, contact the manager using the contact information.