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Rifle magazine pouches

Today, rifle magazine pouches are in high demand not only among representatives of uniformed service, but also among fans of such popular games as paintball and airsoft. This is convenient and compact tactical equipment, which is used to store and transport empty and equipped ammunition to AK weapons (AKM, M). Sophisticated design tactical pouch provides easy and quick access to the magazine. With the help of the universal MOLLE system, the army cartridge pouches are securely attached to body armor, harness belts, backpacks and bags. This system is quite simple and consists of nylon slings and slats, which form a strong connection. In a similar way, you can hang a pouch even on a military uniform in different places, from the chest zone to the waist or thigh. This provides maximum convenience and individual adaptation of the standard product for the needs of each military person.

In the VELMET online store, you can buy a pouch for magazines of two types:

  • Open type
  • Closed type

On sale there are also bags for 2 magazines, the price of which compares favorably with the cost of foreign and domestic counterparts. The product is used in both open and closed. By closing the Velcro flap you will be sure in protection of your equipment from dust, dirt and minor mechanical damage. With the flap tucked inside the cartridge pouch, the removal of the magazine is more convenient and quick. The use of semi-rigid construction and durable fasteners contributes to reliable fixation of magazines that do not fall out even when jumping with a parachute. Side polymer panels are able to withstand significant mechanical stress and temperature drops in the range of -60C .... +60. Army pouch for the magazines is made of heavy-duty material Cordura, successfully complemented by Belgian Velcro textile clasps and polymer panels of its own production. The fabric has DWR protection against water and oil, as well as IRR protection against infrared light (which makes the pouch invisible to thermal imagers). At the bottom there are drainage holes for drainage of moisture and fine sand.