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Steel Target IPSC №1 450*750*10

Steel Target IPSC №1 450*750*10

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schema_mishen_stalnaya_rostovayaThe steel target (IPSC №1) 450 * 750 is equipment for the professional shooting ranges, areas for sport shooting, military grounds that is manufactured at the Velmet facilities in Khmelnytsky. Steel targets, which can be purchased on our functional online shop, are suitable for testing the accuracy of the shots with the short-and long-barreled weapons of various modifications. The unique hardening system provides a durable and long lasting product that honorably withstands multiple bullet impacts of different caliber.

The main advantages of a torso target (IPSC №1) 450 * 750

The target for shooting, presented on Velmet.ua online store, fully meets the Ukrainian and international quality standards. Here are some advantages of this product:

  • The sound effect . At the exact hit, it can be heard in a 10-meter distance from the target, which allows not to be distracted by the inspection of targets.
  • Reliable mounting. Target IPSC №1 is mounted to a stable base, the stem of which is made of a contour tube. The holder design includes two complementary components: a metal frame and spring-loaded holders.
  • Durability. We use ARM550 steel for manufacturing torso targets and gong targets. A special hardening technology helps to achieve a softer middle, which is covered with a hard shell from all sides. The application of Triplex hardening technology makes the target almost invulnerable, as its work surface avoids cracking n most cases.
  • Practicality. We offer the target equipment that can be quickly assembled and disassembled. The sectional design is a feature that makes the target be easily transported from one place to another and usable during the exercises of personnel.
  • Security. The functional elements of the steel target can be positioned at the angle that minimizes the possibility of a rebound while shooting at the close range.

Buy the target equipment in Ukraine

Nowadays gong targets in Ukraine can be purchased without a long search and unnecessary overpayments! Velmet offers a wide range of the target equipment at the prices from the manufacturer.

If there is no opportunity to visit our office in Khmelnytsky and discuss the details of a wholesale or retail order, please contact the competent managers of Velmet.ua store. By agreement, we can organize the delivery of certain goods and batches to any region of the country.

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