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Reliable armor from Velmet !

Velmet is a company responsible for production of protective elements, tactical equipment, outfit and equipment for landfills. Velmet specialists are particularly enthusiastic about their business: the company originates as a volunteer movement, producing products and giving them to the military free of charge.

Over the long years of our work, we have found an effective approach to the production of specialized products for real men, which allows us to adequately represent our products in an economic competitive space.

The basic rule of our company is "Do for others as for yourself". Based on this philosophy, we use advanced materials and technologies to obtain consistent quality and innovation indicators.

Basic materials and technologies Velmet LTD:

Hypalon™ is a polyethylene elastomer polychlorosulfate patented by DuPont. It differs from its analogues with exceptional resistance to abrasion, strength and elasticity, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, retains its properties at low temperatures.

CORDURA® (the registered trademark of certified nylon from INVISTA) is a thick nylon fabric with a special thread structure, with a polyurethane or acrylic coating.

CORDURA® NYCO fabric based on cotton and nylon T420 from INVISTA. The material is made using rip-stop technology used by our company for sewing military uniforms. Differs in high durability, comfort of use and has relative resistance to maintenance of burning.

Velmet Plastix is own production of plastic elements of tactical equipment. Our company uses high-quality raw materials to obtain indicators of mechanical stability in a large temperature range.

Laser CUT is a technology for cutting and making-out materials which uses a high-power laser. This technology is commonly used at Velmet production to obtain an accurate and reliable formation of equipment components.

Velmet ARM550 is steel with a balanced combination of impact strength and hardness produced by the technology developed at our company. We use this material for targets manufacturing.

MaWka is a perspective development of a universal camouflage pattern. The basis of this pattern is the patented principle of zonal blurring of the silhouette.

We produce:

  • Metal armor (Velmet ARM 550).

The specialists of the company have considerable experience in working with sheet metals, which allows to produce high-quality products according to their own developments. All products are tested for durability, hardness and viscosity, as well as uniformity of heating during hardening.

  • Targets for shooting ranges

The company was able to set up the production of metal targets of absolutely different configurations and sizes. They differ in durability and low cost. Our targets are trusted by many shooting clubs, as well as military units especially special forces .

  • Tactical equipment.

A special kind of production, in which specialists  of the company maximally show their creativity and mastery using their experience. We produce backpacks, bags, evacuation slings. The customer can both buy a finished product or order for the development and manufacture of new equipment, which will fully satisfy its need.

Our advantages:

  • Development of innovations.

Unlike our competitors, we do not use ready-made solutions, but we are looking for the optimal version of production, which greatly improves the quality of products and makes it possible to manufacture parts of any level of complexity.

  • Acceptable prices.

The use of modern technology significantly reduces the cost of the product while maintaining its quality.

  • Responsible relation.

The company's specialists love their work and try to make it as good as possible.

  • Individual approach.

The client who applies to us can order the manufacture of unique uniforms in accordance with their own needs.

We are sure that our cooperation will be long and useful!