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Target-gong Groundhog

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 Target-gong Marmot - is a novelty in the assortment of targeted equipment of the Ukrainian brand Velmet. You can buy a metal target for equipping professional ranges, field shooting ranges in our online store at a affordable price. The Gong is made in the form of a natural-size silhouette of a marmot with a "tumbler toy" basis, allows to increase the efficiency of precise shots from rifled and smooth-bore weapons.

 Target-gong Marmot Features

  • "Triplex" hardening technique (hard layer - soft middle - hard layer). Steel ARM550 is used for the manufacture of targets-gong, hardening is subjected to already finished product, which allows to increase its resistance to mechanical and physical effects. The target is covered with a high-quality paint composition of a bright orange colour, which provides additional protection from external influences and makes the figure more visible from a long distance.
  • Sound effect. Each direct hit at the metallic target from any kind of weapon is accompanied by the sound effect of metal hitting. This helps to avoid the interruption of the training process and testing targets located at the distance from a shooter’s position.
  • Original and functional design. The target gongs of the presented model are made in the form of a groundhog figure on a movable stand. During a precise hit, the groundhog leans in and then returns to its original position. There are two mounting holes at the bottom






  • Linear dimensions of the stand (H / W / T, mm - 300 x 270 x 380)
  • Thickness - 10 mm
  • Material - armored steel Velmet ARMOR ARM-550
  • Weight -  5 kg

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1 326 грн.

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