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Gong Target Combat - M

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A gong target Combat-M is professional equipment, which is indispensable for carrying out educational trainings and competitions on shooting from short-and long-barreled weapons of various modifications. The design developers of Velmet have improved the traditional model, making it more solid and durable with the ability to withstand massive direct hits.

The main advantages of the gong target Combat-M

The target Combat-M for shooting is a target stand, consisting of metal shape and reliable stand. This design has a number of advantages, among which are:

• Available sound effect during the aimed hitting at the target. The shooter and the instructor have the opportunity to evaluate the accuracy of shots without interrupting the training, and spend more productive time, which is given for the production of weapon handling skills..

• Triplex hardening technology involves the formation of a solid metal shell with an inner layer of softer metal. How does it exactly work? In general cases, the bullet hits the target, becomes deformed and bounces from the metal surface, while the solid hardened metal layer can get micro cracks. Our technology method makes the soft steel in the middle, which prevents the formation of such defects, prolonging the life of the target.

• Stable support with the possibility of adjusting the angle of a target. A stand consists of two rather large and heavy metal plates, which securely fix a target in the predetermined position, prevent turning and bouncing effect.

Buy the target equipment in Ukraine

Velmet  offers to buy the target equipment at affordable prices from the manufacturer. The quality of armor steel, used for the production of gong targets and armor plates, does not evoke any doubts even among the principal skeptics. We offer a high-quality domestic product at competitive prices!

To buy gongs targets in Ukraine, you can contact the representatives of our company or use the functional online store Velmet.ua. The delivery of equipment to the regions of Ukraine and other countries is also possible.

Characteristics of the Velmet gong target


600 mm


300 mm



600 mm


armor steel Velmet ARMOR ARM-550 - 10 mm


 33,5 kg

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3 790 грн.

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