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Medical pouches

Tactical V-IFlex MED Pouch
Tourniquet Pouch CAT-7 LC G2 Coyote

Modern and reliable medical equipment is an integral component not only of conducting military operations, but also of various military exercises, tourist crossings, sports competitions, etc. Products in VELMET online store made of quality materials and has been tested in the most difficult extreme conditions. In our online catalog, you can choose and buy tactical sets of the doctor and a variety of medical equipment

  • Individual first-aid kits - used to store and transport the “speed dial medic” for emergency care.
  • Medical Scissors Pouches - designed to carry special scissors, which carry out the removal of rubberized dressings on Lister.
  • Folding tactical stretchers - used for transporting and evacuating injured fighters (as well as civilian victims of accidents, athletes).
  • Tourniquet pouch - used to store hemostatic harnesses.

For the manufacture of medical equipment, we use Cordura's super strong nylon fabric, reliable Italian and Polish accessories, Velcro textile fasteners. Thanks to a special protective IRR processing, our products are invisible in the infrared rays of thermal imagers. DWR coating ensures reliable protection against moisture and dirt, gives additional resistance to friction. The fastex-lock compression belt provides a solid connection for an army first-aid kit, scissors pouch and other equipment. The well-thought-out organization of the internal space of tactical first-aid kits successfully combines compact size and large capacity of products. The design of the models is designed for ultra-fast and easy access to medicines or medical instruments in case of emergency. In the lower part of medical pouches there is a special drainage hole for removal of moisture. Fixing pouches on army equipment is carried out using a simple and effective MOLLE fastening system. In addition to the direct purpose, products of this category are widely used for carrying and transporting a wide variety of things, from flashlights to folding knives and stationery. In our online store you can buy pouches, first-aid kits, stretchers, pouches for scissors and tourniquet in various colors - Black, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green. Our managers are always ready to give advice about the product and help with his choice.