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Tactical Legging Gaiters

Legging gaiters are protective covers that will protect your shoes and trousers from dirt, dew, snow and dirt getting inside the boot during walks or long transitions, training or combat missions on the march. Leggings cover the legs from the ankle to the middle of the lower leg, sometimes their height reaches the knee, they do not have a sole, they are worn over boots, in front with a Velcro flap. Army gaiters have an integrated cable with a hook for attaching it to the laces of the boot, which prevents the cover from twisting while walking.

In this section of the VELMET army store you can choose and buy for yourself the optimal height shoe covers of 2 types.

More detailed information with a detailed description of the position you are interested in can be found directly on the product page of our online store. There you can also see the technical descriptions of the product you are interested in, its capabilities and purposes, examples of use. In those cases, if you still have any questions or suggestions for the leggings presented in our store, you can always voice them by phone by contacting our call center (the numbers are indicated in the header on the main page), or by writing to us to the open line of our VELMET web store.