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Tactical Legging Gaiters

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Army gaiters are an element of tactical equipment that protects the legs from hypothermia, freezing, getting wet and dirty.

Protective covers (gaiters) prevent premature wear of military clothing and boots. Short and long tactical shoe covers are used in extreme conditions and protect against mud intrusion, water, trash. Wear-resistant material, protective inserts and clamps guarantee the comfort of law enforcement officers, military personnel, fighters, climbers and tourists.

Tactical gaiters features

Tourist shoe covers cover the leg from ankle to shin or knee - the height is selected individually. They do not have a sole, but are worn directly on tactical shoes over pants. The Velcro flap ensures a firm hold and prevents twisting while walking and exercising.

Army gaiters functions:

  • protection against freezing and minor injuries;
  • maintaining the aesthetic appearance of tactical clothing, preventing abrasion;
  • dirt and water resistance;
  • preventing branches, stones, snow, etc. from getting inside.

The hook is responsible for secure mounting military leggings to shoe laces. The multicam color scheme contributes to excellent camouflage during special operations. The unique design does not burden, does not hinder movement, because climbing gaiters are quite lightweight. Straps are made of Hypalon® material.

Range of use

Military shoe covers are necessary when crossing watered terrain, mountain ranges, and on long hiking routes in bad weather. It is also impossible to imagine the performance of combat missions on the march and the special training of fighters without the use of protective covers. The straps for shoes are adjustable, so the product can be adjusted to any size.

Tactical shoe covers can be used during:

  • military operations and special tasks;
  • mountaineering;
  • winter tourism;
  • hunting and fishing.

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