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Bulletproof Vests

Assault body armor Perun 6-LC Ranger Green
9 250 UAH

One of the most important elements of protective equipment is body armor. It is designed to protect against gunshot wounds and stab wounds or shrapnel from explosives. The product is made of special materials: ballistic layers destroy bullets, dissipate energy from impacts, thereby preventing injury.

There are many models of armor, and they are all classified into groups taking into account the class, the method of wearing, the effective protection area (from 15 to 100 dm2) and the effective wearing time (from 1 to 12 hours). To buy a body armor that fully achieve its objectives, it is important to pay attention to the body armor class, since each of them indirectly includes other characteristics.

Varieties of personal protective equipment (PPE):

The realities of modern combat and security require a progressive approach and a wide range of personal protective equipment. There are concealed carry and external carry products.

The first type is actively used by bodyguards, security guards and VIP class security. They are manufactured according to NIJ from soft materials such as aramid (Kevlar) or high molecular weight polyethylene (Dyneema). They are characterized by lightness, convenience, affordable price and low protection class.

The price and weight of the external carry body armor is higher. These products relate to tactical equipment and are intended for police, army, cash-in-transit courier uniforms. They are reinforced and have ceramic or steel insert plates. They are distinguished by wear resistance, efficiency and durability.

Body Armor Classification

Body Armor Classification according to NIJ 0101.06 includes division into groups depending on the level of protection:

  1. Class 1. Very lightweight, heat resistant and waterproof. Made from fabric aramid layers or ballistic polyethylene (UHMWPE - Dyneema®) and only protect against gunshot wounds from pistols (other weapons with low submunition energy) or stab wounds.
  2. Class 2. They have reinforcing inserts at vulnerable points, weigh a little more than the previous group and provide better safety.
  3. Class 3. Weigh up to 5 kg, consist of fabric layers (polyethylene) and metal insert plates. Resistant to "civilian" and military bullets without thermo-reinforced steel cores.
  4. Class 4. These are body armor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine (NSU), SBU, Rapid Operational Response Unit (KORD), as they protect against machine guns and assault rifles (7N10 FMJ bullets or light steel core bullets).
  5. Class 5. Refers to tactical means and have an increased area of protection, damping and ventilation pads. Can protect against classic and armor-piercing shells - BZ API.
  6. Class 6. It is the most popular, as it is resistant to shots from assault rifle, rifles, machine guns. It is used during serious military operations. Protects against B32 API bullets.

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