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Body Armor

Body armor Veles М-4 Black
10 807 грн.
7 896 грн.
Body Armor Vest Veles-1 Black
9 883 грн.
Concealed Body Armor Vest HIDD-PRO Black
8 274 грн.

The bulletproof vest is an extremely important element of protective equipment in the realities of modern combat, designed to protect against damage to firearms and melee weapons, or fragmentation of explosive devices. It consists of special ballistic materials that destroy a ball or debris and dissipate their energy, such as Kevlar, ballistic polyethylene and metal or ceramic plates.

The basis of "soft" (so-called concealed body armor) VELMET vests is made of high molecular weight polyethylene Dyneema®.

"Soft" armor vests are usually used by law enforcement and private security services, and reinforced bulletproof vests with ceramic or steel ballistic inserts - mostly servicemen in the armed forces of different countries.