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Parachute jumpsuits

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Parachute jumpsuits are special equipment designed for single jumps, group acrobatics, freefly and wind tunnel flights.

Jumpsuits manufactured by our company improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the athlete. Tactical clothing provides absolute freedom of movement and a perfect fit on the body, regardless of body shape. It improves maneuverability and control in flight.

Jumpsuits description

Modern uniforms perform not only a pragmatic, but also an aesthetic function. The design of the equipment is laconic, decorated in a military style. Special materials guarantee complete protection against wind, sun, dust.

VELMET parachute equipment has the following advantages:

  • protection from wind and atmospheric precipitation;
  • saves warmth;
  • prevents injuries upon landing;
  • high manufacturability of models;
  • special elastic inserts provide the athlete's comfort;
  • thoughtful style does not hinder movement;
  • manufactured material meets military standards.

Interaction with the airflow directly depends on the quality of the equipment, therefore the developers made innovative technologies real. The company uses in production a material that has proven itself in the area of military clothing.

How to choose clothes for skydivers?

This equipment is sewn according to the figure and individual measurements. VELMET uses its own production facilities and takes into account all the wishes of skydivers. Design features and color are discussed at the time of order.

The cut can be normal, tight-fitting, with grips, wingsuit - it all depends on the scope of use of military equipment. The location of the pocket for the altimeter is variable. If necessary, the jumpsuit for parachuting can be supplemented with a hood.

To buy tactical and parachute equipment in the online store, contact a Velmet consultant by phone or via online chat.