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AK Polymer Pouch PFM-1 Coyote PFM-AK.013.001 image 898
In Stock
AK/AR MAG POUCH MaWka FM-013.001.16.SF image 1166
In Stock
Hydration Pack (CAMELBACK) 1,5L SF-CB1.5 Coyote BHS-013.001.16 SF image 82
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Open Radio Pouch RP.M-STG-1 MaWka ® VPR-03M.021.001.STG image 1280
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Plate Carrier Lower Accessory Pouch PCP-M G2 Coyote PCP-M.013.002 image 1008
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Pouch for first aid kit V-IFlex V-Camo S-06.013.004.LC image 1544
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Tourniquet Pouch CAT-7 LC G2 Coyote TP-013.011.22 LC image 1517
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Utility Pouch UP-O1 horizontal Coyote PUH-013.001.16 image 73
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308 Magazine Pouch Ranger Green FM-1.019.001 image 429
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AK/AR MAG POUCH FM-1 SF SV MaWka FM-SV.021.001.SF image 1064
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Double Mag Pouch for AK / AR V-Camo FM-D-020.001.16.SF image 364
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Drop Pouch Magazine SFLC V-Camo  SFLC.2022 image 1542
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A pouch is an equipment item of a military man. Without such a practical thing, it is difficult to get along during training and conditions of combat operations. Velmet Company offers to buy high quality and easy-to-use items of military munitions at reasonable prices. The use of tactical gear allows you to have everything needed on hand in order to perform important tasks and ensure own safety.

Tactical pouches can be easily placed and attached, which is an important feature of this item. Depending on the complexity of the task, you can always equip the body armor, tactical backpack or waist system with necessary quantity of pouches of varied types.

Army pouches and their kinds

Cartridge bag (pouch) is designed to carry ammunition. Today, manufacturers of tactical gear use the military term ‘a pouch’ more broadly for denoting a general name of group products. The military uses bags of different sizes and for the following purposes:

  • Safe movement and storage of spare magazines of weapons, grenades;
  • Placement of water flasks, tactical flashlights;
  • Careful transport of topographic maps, tablets;
  • Transportation of First Aid Kits

Depending on the purpose of pouches, there are two main types:

  • Open - allows to instantly getting the subject.
  • Closed - reliably protects its contents from water, dust and dirt.

The elements of Molle system help to attach pouches to a lap belt, the surface of tactical backpack, and a carrier of body armor.

Buy pouches on our website at Velmet.ua

To buy a pouch of desired type and modern material Cordura 500/1000D, you can use our e-shop. All products are set up with high-quality fittings, practical Velcro tape and reliable Molle system.

We offer tactical gear in a wide range of colors. Products of this category will be a good addition to winter, summer, and battlefield military uniforms. You can buy our products in Khmelnytskyi. We have an opportunity to arrange delivery to other regions of Ukraine by well-known delivery companies.

Velmet Company is a progressive Ukrainian brand, the main specialty of which is to manufacture quality armor, tactical gear, and target and gong equipment. You can purchase goods with a decent quality at reasonable prices!