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A modern bulletproof vest is a reliable armor protection from bullets and shell fragments. With the right choice of vest and plates for it, the vital organs of human will not be affected even when there is a direct hit of bullets from a 10-meter distance! Velmet offers the best design at the most affordable prices from the manufacturer! Our products have performed well in tests and in real combats, earned an approving assessment of the military, who every day risks their lives to protect their homeland! Velmet Plate Carrier is designed to facilitate the implementation of tasks.

In our country, nobody recently could even think to launch the mass production of modificated bulletproof vests. The body armor for military and employees of the Ministry of the Interior were usually made in strictly limited quantities or imported from abroad. In today's reality, when the east of Ukraine has nonstop combat operations for more than two years, the purchase of body armor from foreign manufacturers is not economically advantageous because the cost of some models reach up to ten thousand hryvnias.

We offer a decent alternative - modern, reliable, durable plate carriers, bases for bullet-proof vests, armor sheets and armor plates of domestic production, the characteristics of which do not yield, and even surpass the analogues, presented on the market.

Production of reliable and affordable body armor is our small but a significant contribution to the common cause. We hope that our means will keep more than a dozen lives! You can buy our plate carriers in our online store.