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Body armor R.V.K.P.N.X 4
Assault body armor Perun 6-LC Сoyote
Steel Hard Armour Plate VELMET-ARMOR 4

It is difficult to overestimate how important a bulletproof vest is on a special mission, because it often saves lives. Velmet online store offers body armor facilities, which is an essential piece of equipment and protects the soldier from bullets, shrapnel and knife attacks. In-stock:  

The use of body armor is a smart and tactically thought-out step to increase survivability. In the Velmet online store you can buy body armor and any other types of equipment, functionally combining them with each other, at an affordable price.

Soldier’s life comes first

Armored protection applicability is to protect the warrior from being injured by:

  • bullets;
  • knife;
  • shrapnel.

Good selection of cowling cover and the necessary plates used in the body armor has significant importance. Occupation and the potential threats, which might occur during the activity, must be taken into account. Protection must be very reliable, prevent injuries to vital organs, regardless of whether a vest is selected for a military person, a tactical shooter or a bodyguard, and meet all the needs of its owner.   

Armor protection kinds by the type of soft armor panel

Kevlar armor vest is equipment made of special material "kevlar". Kevlar is used not only for sewing armored protection but as well for making helmets, belts, and other items as well. Para-aramid fiber is super strong and has a high-grade tensile strength, while being fireproof, resists shock and dynamic stress.     

Armor vests from UHMW PE are great for special operations near bodies of water. Polyethylene armor plates float in water due to their light weight. That's why this type of body armor is great for use where positive buoyancy gear is needed.  

Depending on what kind of armor vest is going to be bought, the equipage will be able to protect from different weapons. There are different types by protection class:

  • special class (CX) - body armor from a knife and other cold weapons;
  • 1st - light armor vest, weighs up to 3 kg, consists of multi-layer fireproof and damp-proof textile with aramid fibers or ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, provide safety against PM and revolver;
  • 2nd - police body armor - weighs up to 4 kg, protects against nine millimeter bullets of the TT pistol;
  • 3rd - light armor vest weighs up to 6 kg, equipped with a large number of fabric layers or plates, as well as a damper layer, guarantees protection against pistols, hunting rifles and rifles;
  • 4th - military armor vest will protect you from machine guns and assault rifles;
  • 5th - the best armor equipage from assault rifles, easily detains an armor-piercing incendiary bullet of 7.62x39 mm Kalashnikov assault rifle;
  • 6th - assault models will protect against any assault rifles and sniper rifles, stop a B-32 bullet - caliber 7.62 * 54.

The professional kevlar body armor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of 4, 5 and 6 classes of protection, equipped with a large number of protective plates, is heavy and has limited wearing time.

According to the type of wearing, the products are divided into 1) concealed carry and 2) external ballistic vest. The first type are models of the 1st and 2nd, sometimes 3rd class, they dress under clothes and are completely invisible, ideal for guards. The second type is for the military, special forces and the armed forces.   

Buy armored protection with delivery

Velmet company offers a wide range of armored protection. The best plate carriers are in stock. Their effectiveness has been proven by tests not only in artificially recreated conditions, but in real combats as well. Due to the fact that the protection class is the most important part of the equipage, today it is customary to take State Standards of Ukraine 8782: 2018 as a reference point for a unified standard for classifying types of ballistic protection. Velmet offers items that are 100% to protect their owners.