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The warranty period for the product is from 2 weeks to 36 months depending on the product. Warranty provided by Velmet. For seasonal goods, the warranty period is calculated from the beginning of the corresponding season.

Warranty calculation periods for seasonal goods:

  • winter assortment - from November 15 to March 15;
  • spring-autumn assortment - from March 15 to May 15, from September 15 to November 15;
  • summer assortment - from May 15 to September 15.

The start date of the warranty period is calculated from the moment the buyer receives the goods. Upon receipt of the goods, carefully inspect it for defects. Confirmation of the guarantee is an invoice or warranty card. Therefore, keep these documents for the entire duration of the warranty.

Free warranty repair is carried out only if the product is found to be defective due to a manufacturing defect. The warranty elimination period is 14 days from the date of return of the goods to the warehouse.

Warranty obligations are canceled in such cases:

  • packaging, sticker, seal and other items of goods are damaged;
  • the product has visible mechanical damage resulting from any actions of the buyer or third-party individuals;
  • the product has been repaired by unauthorized persons;
  • defects are caused by actions that do not correspond to the scope of this product;
  • the goods are damaged due to natural elements: fire, flood, earthquake, domestic factors and other situations that are not dependent on the manufacturer.