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Jacket-parka is a progressive design of worldwide brands that specialize in clothing output for use in difficult weather conditions. People, whose activity is associated with prolonged stay on the street, choose such comfortable and durable outdoor clothing.

Velmet Company has recently presented a new product on the Ukrainian market – a jacket-parka MARIO, which is an affordable alternative to products of famous brands. The expansion of its range is planned in the future. It is possible and accessible to prepare for cold seasons by making purchases in our e-shop!

Jackets- parkas - comfortable and affordable warmth for all!

Jacket- parka is a clothing item that was originally borrowed from the Eskimos. The essence of technology is to create an air pocket split into compartments, providing thermal insulation. The first canonical form of parkas (not to be confused with anorak, a windproof jacket) was adopted to supply US troops. Over time, the Americans and Europeans started using these tactical jackets, which have excellent humidity-resistant and waterproof functions, in their daily lives.

A growing number of our citizens prefer wearing practical, stylish and durable parkas to ordinary jackets, down jackets, leather and fur outer clothing.  While it is a matter of own convenience and fashion for average people, it is must-have clothing for the military and the fans of an active lifestyle. Realizing this, Velmet experts have created a model of jacket-parka, which meets all the international quality standards, and which varies by its cost from the foreign analogues.

By a few clicks, you can get jacket-parkas in our e-shop! Do not miss the opportunity to buy affordable universal outer clothing, which is suitable for the implementation of tactical tasks, as well as for extreme trips, hunting, and fishing.

Buy a jacket-parka in Ukraine

Our e-shop offers affordable jacket- parkas in Ukraine. The manufacturing capacity of Velmet  is located in Khmelnytskiy, but we are ready to organize the supply of high-quality products to other regions. To make an order, you can either fill electronic form on the website or contact our representatives. In case of a need to deliver an order to foreign countries, please contact our manager first for specifying delivery details and arrangements.

We invite you to acquaint yourself with our catalogue and choose everything you need for yourself or for your close person. We have prepared plenty of advantageous offers for wholesale and retail customers!