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EDC Bags for Everyday Carry

Tactical Shoulder Bag EDC M Ranger Green EDC-013.006.17 image 296
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Tactical Shoulder Bag EDC S Coyote EDC-013.004.17 image 164
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Tactical Briefcase TB-1M Ranger Green TB-1M.019.001 image 622
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Tactical Bag with Pistol Holster TSB M  EDC-013.006.17 image 299
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Tactical Shoulder Bag EDC L Coyote EDC-013.005.17 image 126
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EDC bag is an everyday functional accessory, which has recently gained popularity among the Ukrainian troops. Literally, the abbreviation EDC stands for everyday carry (wear every day).In other words, everything you may need during the day fits in this bag.

EDC bag for every day and extreme sports

In addition to personal belongings, you need within a day; you can place a carried emergency reserve in a bag, which will help in any non-standard or extreme situations.

Like other objects of EDC, bag, which is presented in this section of our catalogue, has the following important features:

  • Lightweight design
  • Compact size
  • Good capacity
  • Excellent resistance to negative influences
  • Functionality
  • Increased resistance to external influences
  • Possibility of long-term operation without damage to the appearance and functionality of the product

Our e-shop has EDC bag at a low manufacturer’s price and this bag features everything that the products of famous brands have. Comparing to tactical equipment, which is imported to Ukraine from other countries, EDC bag has a lower price that does not affect the quality of goods.

Buy EDC bag in Ukraine

Velmet e-shop offers to buy EDC bags and other tactical equipment for those who value their time and money. Why to compromise and choose cheaper (and therefore lower quality) imported goods, if there is an opportunity to buy domestic products with an excellent price-quality correlation?

With the launch of Velmet Armor System on the domestic market, it is much easier and more affordable to buy EDC bag in Ukraine. Our products meet all national and international quality standards, required for tactical equipment, military clothing, elements of protection, and target hardware.

Make an order by filling the form on the website or contacting our company representatives us by phone or e-mail. It is possible to supply products to the regions of Ukraine by popular courier delivery services. In case of a need to deliver an order to foreign countries, please contact our manager first for specifying delivery details and arrangements.