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Tactical MOLLE Belts with Suspenders

Tactical ballistic war belt TWB G1 Coyote TBW.022.001.SFC image 1522
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Tactical MOLLE Belts with Suspenders is a convenient and practical element of military equipment, which is designed to place equipment rationally.  The presence of all at hand, which may be required to complete the task in extreme conditions, plays an important role in the success of combat and tactical operations. It is dangerous to fold weapons and put everything in one place: provisions, personal items, etc.

It will be much more correct and convenient to distribute the load and arrange all the components using ALICE. That is a rational decision that progressive developers of Velmet offer our military.

A properly chosen ALICE can accommodate holsters, pouches, bags in the most user-friendly manner. All components are connected to each other by means of a universal mounting system   – MOLLE.

You can buy Tactical MOLLE Belts with Suspenders in our e-shop Velmet at an affordable price from the manufacturer.

Economically reasonable price, which is set on the whole range of products, is the result of intelligent optimization of the production process and the rejection to conduct the stationary trade in favor of having a direct dialogue with customers through the Internet.

In our virtual catalogue, you will find Tactical MOLLE Belts with Suspenders, harmoniously combining such features as:

  • High quality materials
  • Reliability of the hardware and fastening systems
  • Excellent functionality
  • High wear resistance
  • Affordable price

Buy Tactical MOLLE Belts with Suspenders in Ukraine

Do you want to buy ALICE in Ukraine at a good price without skimping on the quality of a product? The products of Velmet can easily compete with tactical equipment made by world famous brands.

Make an order by contacting our consultants in the most convenient way for you. We have prepared very advantageous offers for wholesale and retail buyers. The delivery of goods is carried out to the regions of Ukraine by popular courier delivery services. We hope that the quality of our products and service will pleasantly surprise you!