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Tactical mountaineering

Personal Retention Lanyard with Kong FROG
1 187 грн.
Personal Retention Lanyard with Kong Tango
1 287 грн.
1 500 грн.
283 грн.
312 грн.
704 грн.
680 грн.
765 грн.
61 грн.
368 грн.
164 грн.

Tactical mountaineering refers to high-risk operations, because it involves the risk of falling from a high altitude. That is why the use of high-quality and reliable climbing equipment is one of the first essential requirements.Today, there are rare cases when even experienced professionals ignore the basic requirements of storage and selection of equipment for tactical alpinism, which leads to tragic consequences. Compliance with the simple rules will help you to be sure in your gear, and therefore - and in your safety.