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Gear for assault mountaineering

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Tactical mountaineering is an activity that is classified as high-risk operations, as it is associated with serious risks of falls from the height. In the performance of combat tasks and while working on special forces skills in the conditions of a compact urban area strike teams need to solve a lot of questions of practical training. That is why mountaineering gear is an important component of professional training for special forces and people who are fond of combat sports.

High-quality and reliable equipment will help to master important skills, protect the life and health of people, achieve the set goals of the special operation and allow climbers to be confident in their safety.

What equipment is useful for assault mountaineering

To perform tactical tasks, you need special accessories and equipment that are distinguished by increased protection. This is a must as strike teams operate in challenging and dangerous environments where every second counts.

Main safety equipment:

  1. Protective helmets, gloves, footwear. These items protect the fighter's body from damage, extreme weather, and also help the process of rope descent.
  2. Rope. Assault variants differ from their counterparts in industrial alpinism because they are subject to increased protection requirements. There may not be time to install protective equipment and protectors, so the rope must be fully secure. Rope is made of highly durable synthetic fibers.
  3. Carabiners. These items are manufactured from high strength alloys so that they can provide a strong hold without the risk of breaking or opening the lock.
  4. Descent devices. They allow you to quickly descend the rope, brake if necessary and hang at the desired level. They can be simplified mechanical or automatic.
  5. Safety slings. These are ropes made of synthetic materials of increased strength, which provide safety and prevent falling from a height.
  6. Safety systems. We produce tactical harnesses with minimal weight and the ability to attach tactical equipment. On the other hand, we keep up the reliability of the system and integrate it into the general equipment of the special forces operator.

All this equipment and more will help you feel confident in performing dangerous tasks and successfully achieve the goals of the operation.

Offer from Velmet online store

On our website you can buy everything you need for assault mountaineering wholesale or retail. We offer affordable prices for certified goods with a guarantee from trusted brands - KONG, AustriAlpin. We also offer equipment of our own production

The catalog contains many models. The cost of products will depend on technical parameters, tactical purpose and certification. You can examine the characteristics yourself, as well as get expert help in choosing from our staff.

You can contact us and leave a request using the contacts indicated in the relevant section, or in the online chat.

We offer:

  • both cash and cards are accepted;
  • in-store pickup from the showroom in Khmelnytskyi;
  • delivery by postal services throughout the country;
  • dispatch of goods on the day of order.

Safety Descent Devices and equipment will save the life of you or your employees. Therefore, do not neglect safety and choose only high-quality and proven products.