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Steal target №5а 230*300

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A practical and durable head-shaped steel target №5a 230 * 300 is the target equipment, which will significantly improve the effectiveness of personnel training with small arms of various modifications.

Velmet Armor System offers a wide range of targets, gongs, target stands and installations for the implementation of various aimed fire techniques at close and far distances. Despite the youth of the brand, our products have proved themselves well in the Ukrainian market, and they continue to receive very positive assessment from professional soldiers, members of volunteer battalions, representatives of shooting sports and owners of shooting ranges.

The main advantages of the head-shaped steel target №5a 230 * 300

The high popularity of steel targets for shooting from the Ukrainian producer is achieved due to their numerous positive characteristics, including:

  • Increased strength and durability, which has been achieved thanks to a special Triplex hardening technology (hard layer - soft middle - hard layer). Moreover, it is not the metal plate but ready-made elements, cut from steel ARM550, that are hardened by Velmet Armor System. By hardening the metal plate, many producers try to reduce production costs for maximization of profits.
  • Practicality and functionality. The head-shaped target, which you purchase on our online store, is a folding design structure, which can be easily transported from one place to another. A reliable bolting joins the components together. The target stand can be used for improving aimed shots from a long and short range. To avoid rebound, the target is set at the desired angle with a help of special spring-loaded holders and metal frame provided for this design.

• Robust support structure. The head-shaped target includes a stand, the stem of which is made of a contour tube. The design features the increased resistance and maintains its position under aimed fire from various weapons.

Buy the target equipment in Ukraine

The modern target equipment is the element, which is difficult to imagine without in professional shooting ranges and training facilities for the preparation of shooters. At first glance, the purchase of metal targets may seem unjustified waste, because their cost is much higher than the cost of the cardboard targets is. However, and as the practice shows, such investments bring more than just a simple compensation during the training process. If a paper target becomes useless after a few shots, the steel construction is suitable for multiple applications and intensive training in all weather conditions.

Velmet Armor System offers to buy the target metal in Ukraine at affordable, reasonable prices from the manufacturer. Moreover, the Velmet.ua store catalog contains a wide range of body armor, tactical clothing and equipment that can satisfy the most demanding consumers. To learn more about the possibilities and conditions of delivery to your area, contact the competent manager of our company!

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2 739 грн.

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