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Ballistic Shields

Ballistic shield VELMET BS-6/K VBS-MAT.h1.01 image 1528
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Ballistic shields are special means of protection, which are designed to reduce the impact factors of threats that are detected during assault actions, such as bullets of various calibers, shrapnel, and fragments of explosive devices. Body armor is widely used in the army, law enforcement agencies, security services and other areas where there are relevant tasks.

Assault ballistic shields are made of special materials, such as aramid (Kevlar, Twaron), NMPE (Dyneema, Spectra), Teijin (Endumax), ceramics (oxide aluminum Al2O3, silicon carbide SiC, boron carbide B4C), titanium, bronze steel and other compositions. They have different weights and sizes, depending on tactical and technical tasks and user needs.

The choice of ballistic shield depends on the specific situation and tasks to be performed. Ballistic shields are a reliable and effective means of protection that will help avoid serious injuries and save lives.