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Training and Recreations

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Effective carry out of combat tasks by military personnel depends on constant development and honing skills. Both for training, including field exercises, assault mountaineering and rock climbing, and for combat missions, appropriate equipment is required.

Velmet is an authorized distributor of the Italian company KONG, which produces carabiners, clips, full-body harness and AustriAlpin, famous for the production of the well-known COBRA buckles.

Velmet also has a well-established own production, using only the latest technologies, sustainable and durable materials.

We offer sports goods for excellent training and rest of military personnel:

Velmet - quality and reliability

You must admit that no workout is possible without strong and reliable equipment. The safety of servicemen is the key to protecting the entire country.

A productive team of specialists with many years of experience, always follows the requirements regarding the accuracy of the process of creating high-quality, and most importantly, safe equipment, guaranteeing the high durability of the products offered.

By contacting us, you will certainly get a qualified consultation, and depending on your request, our experts will help you choose the optimal and necessary sports equipment.

All offered products are durable, reliable and meet European quality and safety standards.