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Tactical and Military Clothing

A tactical suit is an important element of the soldier’s equipment. Nowadays, it is possible to find a military uniform produced by the European and American manufacturers, as well as the uniform of the domestic brands on the Ukrainian market.

Velmet Company is the progressive Ukrainian brand specializing in the manufacture and sale of tactical equipment, clothing, body armor, and the target hardware. We are always ready to offer our clients a high quality and durable tactical clothing Zevana. By optimizing the production, we set such prices on products that are significantly lower than the price on the imported militaryclothing from other countries.

Velmet tactical clothing: comfortable, practical, durable!

The military ammunition, you can buy in our e- shop, is fundamentally different from that outfit, which our soldiers used to receive from the previous soldiers. Here are the main advantages of our tactical tunics, trousers, jackets:

  • Rip-stop fabric (65% - cotton, 35% - polyester) with a phenomenal resistance to mechanical damage
  • Convenient location of pockets, pulled off by buckles YKK
  • Quality accessories, elements of which can be easily fasten and unfasten even while wearing gloves
  • Easily adjustable Velcro tapes with the width of the trouser legs, waist and neck parts
  • Suitable for use in hot climates and reliable protection against the wind and rain

We believe that creating a series of modern military uniforms is our victory over different conditions, and we hope that the fighting spirit will come to thousands of soldiers while they wear our clothes!

Buy tactical clothing in Ukraine

Do you have a need to buy tactical clothing in Ukraine at affordable prices, and you do not want to be the victim of numerous dealers who flooded the market with low-quality Chinese goods?

We offer products of decent quality, the purchase of which will not cause a serious cut to your budget. Our e-shop sells nice Ukrainian clothing at the manufacturer’s prices. If you want to make shopping profitable, go to our website or contact our managers via telephone!