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Pistol magazine pouches

Pistol magazine pouches in Ukraine are a sought-after product that is in steady demand. This is a compact variation of the classic pouch, the purpose of which is the placement of pistol magazines of standard sizes. Our pouches are compatible with most pistol magazines. They are also well suited for storing and carrying flashlights, multitools, etc. The main material used is Cordura nylon fabric, which is known worldwide for its amazing properties. This type of fabric is able to withstand extreme temperatures (-60C ... + 60C), does not fade in the sun and does not tan in the cold. It is easily erased and does not deform after drying. Special DWR treatment gives the fabric a water- and dirt-proof properties. Thanks to the IRR coating, the pistol magazine pouch becomes invisible to NVG's because it is not recognized in infrared rays. Pouches are equipped with reliable textile fasteners Alfatex (Belgium). You can order a model in one of 4 colors - Coyote Brown, Black, Ranger Green, V-Camo.

The size of the product is regulated by an elastic cord, so you can adapt one model to the pistols of many modifications. For placing a pouch for a pistol magazine on a bulletproof vest or on a belt, MOLLE fastening system is used. The flap is fixed on the contact tape, to bring the equipment into a state of alert, enough to quickly unfasten the Velcro and fold the top panel back. Pouches for pistol magazines have found widespread use among the military and intelligence services, police and athletes shooters. Our online store presents various models of pouches, which gives customers the opportunity to choose the best option. If necessary, our consultants will help determine the specific model, provide a free consultation and tell you how to place an order quickly.

VELMET Company is a well-known manufacturer of tactical equipment and personal protective equipment. We work without mediators and that is why in our store you can quickly and profitably buy pouches in Ukraine.

Pouches for pistol magazines:

    Fort-9, Fort-12, Fort-14, Fort-15, Fort-17, Fort-19
    PM, APS
    Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39
    BERETTA 92, 96, PX4 STORM
    BROWNING HI-POWER (9/40), BDM (9), BDM (9)
    COLT 2000 (9), 1911 .45
    EAA WITNESS (9/40)
    H&K P30, USP COMPACT (9/40), USP .45, H&K 45C, FS 9mm/.40
    KELTEC P11, P40
    RUGER P89-P95 SERIES (9/40), SR9
    Sig Sauer P250 .45 ACP, P227 SIG PRO 9 mm
    S&W SERIES 40, 59, 69, SW99 (9/40), M&P 9/.40/.357, SIGMA
    TAURUS 92, 100, PT909 (9), PT800 Series (9&40), 24/7, .45 ACP 24/7 OSS
    CZ 75 etc.
    WALTHER P88, P99, PPQ M1 (Classic), M2, PPX 9mm/.40
    SIG SAUER 226, 229, MK25