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Holster Universal SF Coyote HUP-013.003.17 image 136
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The gun holder-tab GHT.017.002 image 700
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VELMET Mini Holster VHM1 MAWKA Hs-021.001.17 image 360
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Drop Leg Holster DLH-1 Ranger Green DLH.019.001 image 371
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The pistol magazine holder-tab PMHT.017.002 image 1110
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Tactical Holster Fort 14, APS, APS Ranger Green HF-019.001.16 image 361
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Holster is an important tactical device used to hold and carry guns of various modifications. It is unsafe to carry small arms without a holster.

Velmet offers the consumer a variety of convenient and reliable models for carrying pistols and revolvers. The cost of tactical device, manufactured at our facilities in Khmelnytskiy, will pleasantly surprise you!

Gun holster: easy, reliable and stylish!

Holsters for PM (Makarov Pistol) and other types of handguns are represented on the Ukrainian market in the following variants:

  • Universal
  • Operational
  • Belt
  • Hip
  • Concealable

Today consumer has a big option of successful holster models made by the Ukrainian producers and well-known brands. The cost of the latter is obviously higher due to the import and the official customs clearance. Moreover, the number of foreign companies that manufacture expansive worthy products is small. Is it really worth overpaying?

Velmet Company offers to buy a holster at affordable price, which in any case does not mean low-quality products. On the contrary, we are constantly improving the range of tactical equipment, and test new products. For tailoring our products, we have chosen the material Cordura 500D IRR, which has excellent performance, and Italian accessories DUE Emme, used to supplement the tactical gear. Cordura and DUE Emme are recognized brands with a worldwide reputation.

Buy a holster in Ukraine

Our e-shop offers to buy a holster in Ukraine at a reasonable, cost-based price, which includes only the cost of production and the minimum producer surplus. There are no more hidden fees, payment for services of dubious middlemen, and unreasonably high shipping price! We believe that only honest business and individual approach should be applied towards each client!

Velmet concealment holsters offer a smooth draw, easy re-holster and excellent weapon security