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Steel Target IPSC №1 450*750*12 on stand G2

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schema_mishen_stalnaya_rostovayaThe steel target (IPSC №1) 450 * 750 on the stand G2 - modification of the target installation of the previous generation, which includes a new design of the stand for mounting the target on any surface.

The main advantages of a torso target (IPSC №1) 450 * 750

The target for shooting, presented on Velmet.ua online store, fully meets the Ukrainian and international quality standards. Here are some advantages of this product:

  • The sound effect . At the exact hit, it can be heard in a 10-meter distance from the target, which allows not to be distracted by the inspection of targets.
  • Reliable mounting. Target IPSC №1 is mounted to a stable base, the stem of which is made of a contour tube. The holder design includes two complementary components: a metal frame and spring-loaded holders.
  • Durability. We use ARM550 steel for manufacturing torso targets and gong targets. A special hardening technology helps to achieve a softer middle, which is covered with a hard shell from all sides. The application of Triplex hardening technology makes the target almost invulnerable, as its work surface avoids cracking n most cases.
  • Practicality. We offer the target equipment that can be quickly assembled and disassembled. The sectional design is a feature that makes the target be easily transported from one place to another and usable during the exercises of personnel.
  • Security. The functional elements of the steel target can be positioned at the angle that minimizes the possibility of a rebound while shooting at the close range.



  • Linear dimensions of the assembly (H / W / T, cm - 178 x 76 x 63)
  • Thickness - 10 mm
  • Material - armored steel Velmet ARMOR ARM-550
  • Weight - up to 44 kg


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Steel Target IPSC №1 450*750*12 on stand G2
5 743 грн.

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