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Army Shop in Ukraine

Army Shop is convenient virtual service for making bargains. You need a reliable armor, ammunition comfortable to wear, practical and durable targets and gongs? From our online shop you will discover all the necessary equipment. The quality of our products is no longer any doubt among the experts nor the operating personnel!

Why us?

The history of the brand Velmet Armor System began when Ukraine was faced with the unexpected attack neighboring powers. At that time, the army was ready to give a fitting rebuff to the enemy, but, unfortunately, it was held on the enthusiasm. Equipment and uniforms the soldiers did not meet the complexity of the environment in which the operations were conducted. Guidelines Velmet decision was made - to organize volunteer movement in Khmelnytsky. Armor, ammunition, protective clothing, shoes - all passed our heroes for free.

Then our armor and tactical gear helped to get out of difficult situations and save the life of more than one professional soldier, soldiers volunteer battalions. Today, we deliver on the Ukrainian market of product samples, that in no way inferior to the products of world famous brands. Our specialists are constantly working on improving the manufactured equipment, uniforms, bullet-proof vests. We offer a high quality product at competitive prices!

What do we offer?

Today, on capacities Velmet we managed to organize production:

  • Remedies - covers for various modifications of body armor, armor plates and armor plates with a special coating antirikoshetnym.
  • Tactical clothing, gear, bags and backpacks.
  • Target equipment - targets and gongs to equip the shooting ranges, professional galleries.

We are constantly working to create a high-quality and affordable new products to supplement the range of our online store. Our masters responsibly and with an understanding of the importance of their work are suitable to fulfill all orders.

We offer to buy the finished product, fully meeting the domestic and international standards. You can order the necessary army ammunition that best meets your needs specifically.

Buy at convenient and affordable!

You want to buy military goods at low prices in the Khmelnytsky and with the possibility of sending to the regions? The company's team Velmet:

  • constantly promotes the Ukrainian market of innovative products;
  • It offers a wide range of army equipment and armor at affordable prices;
  • responsible attitude to compliance with the conditions of cooperation with wholesale and retail customers;
  • individually suited to meet the challenges of each customer!

Army Shop always open for those wishing to purchase a decent quality of military equipment and armor. For retail and wholesale purchases please contact our managers who are always available to answer users' questions!