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Armor modules and accessories

Tactical ballistic war belt TWB G1 Coyote TBW.022.001.SFC image 1522
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Ballistic groin protector PCP-L G3 MaWka PCP-L G3.001.23.01 image 1548
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Neck protection module 6LC Coyote МЗШ.023.001 image 1531
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Shoulder protection 6LC MaWka® МЗП.023.0011 image 1530
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Pelvic Protector PELProtec M1 MaWka ® PPM1.021.001 image 1371
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The website of bulletproof vest manufacturer Velmet LLC includes a section titled "Body Armor Modules and Accessories" that describes various products that can be used to improve protection against bullets, shrapnel, and other hazards.

The section presents a variety of armor protection modules, including a neck protection module for body armor (a gorget with ballistic packs), shoulder protection, ballistic armor, gut protection, thigh protection module, lumbar protection armor element and other plate carrier elements and accessories for body armor and assault suits. Each product has a detailed description, technical specifications and photos, allowing visitors to the site to find the right protective element for their needs.

In addition, the site has a section on other personal protective equipment, which includes products such as helmets, visors, demining suits that help improve the efficiency and safety of the tasks.

The site also provides detailed information about the technologies and materials used in the production of products, which helps visitors better understand the quality and effectiveness of Velmet products.

In general, the website of the manufacturer of bulletproof vests "Velmet" LLC contains detailed information about products and technologies, which allows visitors to find the necessary protective element that fits their needs and budget.