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Chemical lights

The Cyalume SnapLight chemical light is a lightweight and functional light stick used in tandem with night vision devices.

The one-time lighting tool provides a soft and uninterrupted glow, regardless of weather conditions. ChemLight is intended for use by police, Special Forces, firefighters, etc.

ChemLight Description

The chemical light source is lightweight, highly durable and protected from dust, moisture, high temperatures. The internal substance is non-toxic. The body is made of plastic with a hook for hanging. This product has no analogues, as it is easily ignited, floats in water and is not flammable.

Glow time duration:

  • Green (12 hr duration)
  • Red (12 hr duration)
  • White (8 hr duration)
  • Yellow (12 hr duration)
  • Orange (12 hr duration)
  • Blue (8 hr duration)
  • Infrared (3 hr duration)

The quality of the glow is at a height - the light is bright, even and rich. Compact size and lightweight make tactical lighting easy to operate. ChemLight will allow you to read maps in complete darkness, mark military uniforms and highlight obstacles, mark cleared rooms during CQB.

Range of use

The modern light stick is ideal as an emergency signal. It meets international quality standards and is officially approved for use in military structures. A special illuminating substance has proven itself perfectly in emergency situations, during rescue operations and special operations. It is recommended to choose the duration of the glow based on the purpose of the purchase.

To activate the chemical signal, it must be bent in half. The brightness of the lighting depends on the temperature of the environment. ChemLight works most efficiently in the range of + 4 ° C to + 27 ° C. ChemLight should not be stored without a cover and in direct sunlight until use.

To buy a chemical light source in the VELMET army surplus store, contact the manager by phone or via online chat. Consultation and delivery are provided.