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Tactical Suits

Ghillie camouflage suit G-Les Compact MaWka ® G-Les-C.021.001 image 1287
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Summer camouflage suit 3D MaWka 3D-C-P.020.013 image 1613
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Summer camouflage suit 3D MaWka ® 3D-Gh.021.001 image 1288
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The camouflage cover Night Phantom MaWka C-NP.021.001 image 955
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Winter camouflage suit Alpine WCS.015.001 image 1199
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A tactical suit is a great alternative to the classic version of uniforms for military personnel and members of the volunteer battalions, who have to stay in the field for long. Such clothing does not prevent from the flexibility in movements; it does not keep the sweat and it is hardly noticeable in the night vision devices.

Tactical suit: comfort and protection in any situation!

Velmet Armor System Company offers the Ukrainian consumers high-quality samples of army clothing and tactical equipment at affordable price. Presented in this section of our catalogue, a wartime suit "Zevana" has passed the test in the forest-steppe areas of eastern regions of our country and withstood the control in dry climate with sharp daily temperature changes.

A tactical suit, which can be purchased right now by only doing a couple of clicks, embodies the best qualities of modern military ammunition:

  • Simple tailor cut
  • Easy in use
  • Sense of comfort in all weather conditions
  • Multi-purpose usage of product

In developing the martial costume, we wanted to go away from the old, Soviet styles that are entirely irrelevant to modern realities. We have created the strategic clothing that can satisfy the individual needs of each soldier.

We use only high quality fabrics, accessories and reliable fastening system for the manufacture of martial costumes under the name of domestic brand ─ Velmet. Our designers do not stop at already achieved results. They continually try to delight customers with updated apparel lines, protective and tactical equipment, targets and gongs.

Buy tactical uniform in Ukraine

Our company offers summer tactical uniform in Ukraine at prices that are significantly lower than the prices of similar products imported from other countries. Our clothes are:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Flexible in movements
  • Practical and durable

Make an order right now by going to our website and we will arrange prompt delivery of products to Khmelnytskiy and other regions. The delivery of goods to other cities by popular courier delivery services is also possible