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SAPI / ESAPI Plate Sizes SAPI, or Small Arms Protective Insert, is a ceramic or composite armor plate designed to protect against firearms. Originally, these plates were developed for the U.S. military, but they quickly became popular among military and civilian users worldwide. Sizes of SAPI Plates SAPI plates come in various sizes ..
What are SAPI and ESAPI in the U.S. Individual Protection Systems, Bulletproof Vests? When people look for information about U.S. Army bulletproof vests and armor plates, they often encounter terms like "hard armor element OTV," "armor plate IOTV," or "USA ballistic panel." These terms refer to concepts like SAPI and ESAPI. SAPI stands for "Smal..
A Soft Armor Insert is anti-fragment or anti-bullet protection. How true? Soft Armor Inserts are designed to provide protection against various types of threats, depending on the tactical and technical requirements set by the customer for the manufacturer. Soft ballistic protection (SAP) can be manufactured to protect against bullets, fragme..
VST 01.301.003-2015 ( STANAG 2920 ) Methods of ballistic testing of personal armored protection and combat uniforms (Military standards for ballistic protection & armour, solutions for military applications are tested according to relevant NATO standards, normally STANAG 2920 (STANAG = NATO Standardization Agreement )). VST 01.301.003-2020 e..
5.45×39 mm - Types and markings ..
NIJ Standard-0101.04 Ballistic Resistance of Personal Body Armor Technology Assessment Program - Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor The purpose of this standard is to establish minimum performance requirements and test methods for the ballistic resistance of personal body armor designed to protect the torso from firearms. This standard is a rev..
The first gross cartridge 5.45x39 PS received the GRAU 7N6 index and was officially put into service in 1974, although its mass production began in the late 1960s. 5.45x39 7N6 was equipped with a PS bullet with a conical bottom part 25.55 mm long and weighing 3.4 g. The bullet consisted of a bimetallic shell, a lead jacket and a blunt non-heated co..
NIJ Standard - 0101.06 Ballistic Resistant Protective Material The NIJ 0101.06 standard, developed by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), explains the minimum ballistic requirements for personal body armor against firearms and defines test methods. This standard does not cover knife and sharp instrument threats, which are different types of..
According to the order of SE "UkrNDNC" from 10.06.2020 № 116 amendments to national standards were adopted with effect from August 1, 2020: 1. Change № 1 DSTU 8782: 2018 Personal protective equipment. Body armor. Classification. General technical conditions 2. Change № 1 DSTU 8788: 2018 Personal protective equipment. Body armor. Methods of cont..


Online shop velmet.ua - convenient virtual service for making profitable purchases. Need a reliable armor, comfortable equipment, practical and durable targets and gongs? On the pages of our online store you will find all the necessary equipment. The quality of our goods has long been questioned neither by experts nor by active servicemen! 

Why we?

The history of the Velmet Armor System trademark began when Ukraine faced unexpected attacks by the neighboring powers. At that time, the army was ready to give a worthy rebuff to the enemy, but, unfortunately, everything was kept at bare enthusiasm. The clothes and equipment of the soldiers did not match the complexity of the conditions in which the fighting took place. Velmet's management decided to organize a volunteer movement in Khmelnitsky. Armor, ammunition, protective clothing, shoes - all passed to our heroes free of charge.
Then our armor and tactical equipment helped to get out of a difficult situation and save lives not to one personnel soldier, soldiers of volunteer battalions. Today, we supply samples of products to the Ukrainian market that are in no way inferior to products from world-famous brands. Our specialists are constantly working on the improvement of equipment, military uniform, body armor. We offer high quality products at competitive prices! 

What are we ready to offer ?

Today, at the production facilities of Velmet, we managed to establish production:

 • Means of protection - covers for armored vests of various modifications, armor plates with special anti-rust cover.

• Tactical clothing, gear, bags and backpacks.

• Target equipment - targets and gongs for shooting ranges, professional shooters.

 We are constantly working on creating high-quality and affordable new products to extend the range of our online store. Our specialists are responsible and understanding the importance of their work to fit all orders.

 We propose to purchase finished products, which fully meet the domestic and international standards. You can order the necessary army equipment that best suits your specific needs.

To buy on Velmet.ua is convenient and affordable!

Do you want to buy military equipment at low prices in Khmelnitsky and with the possibility of sending to the regions? Velmet's team:

 • constantly offering innovative products on the Ukrainian market;

• offers a wide assortment of military equipment and armor at affordable prices;

• responsibly refers to compliance with the terms of cooperation with wholesale and retail customers;

• Individually approaches to the solving of the tasks of each client!


The shop of military equipment is always open for those who want to purchase military equipment and armor of worthy quality. For retail and wholesale purchases, please contact our managers who are always ready to answer questions from users!

Velmet Ukraine - high-quality tactical equipment of the military, steel targets from the manufacturer.

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