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Steel Target Systems

Targeted installation Duel tree "6" G2
9 777 грн.
Target Texas Star TZ-1
12 000 грн.
 Bianchi target set "6" (on wheels)
16 500 грн.
SALE -13%
 Target system "Bianchi" 8
18 635 грн. 16 212 грн.
SALE -13%
Target system Bianchi 6
15 840 грн. 13 781 грн.
SALE -13%
Target Texas Star
10 000 грн. 8 700 грн.
Targeted installation Duel tree "6"
8 000 грн.
Targeted installation Duel tree "8"
12 000 грн.

In modern Ukrainian realities, the target system is something that is very difficult to be without in military testing areas and professional shooting ranges. They allow soldiers and shooters who train at competitions, to improve their skills without wasting time.

The target system for shooting ranges and testing areas

A model Bianchi is considered as the classic version of the target system, the output of which is arranged around the world. We decided not to keep up from the tendency and produce high-quality modern equivalent at the manufacturing capacity of Velmet Company in Khmelnytskiy. The target system "Bianchi" has successfully passed all tests and it is ready to complement the sets of the equipment for improving the shooting skills.

We produce gong targets using high-quality armor steel according to advanced technologies. Highly technical equipment is used for processing and hardening metal. The following features distinguish all our targets and gongs:

• Ergonomic shape

• Durability of functional elements

• Reliable fastening

• Affordable cost

We understand that life and health of the shooter and surrounding people depend on the accuracy of the shot, fired from the basic weapon. Therefore, we have strived to make our target equipment maximum accessible for a wide range of our compatriots. Weapons cannot tolerate negligence, so do not neglect the possibility of training with the use of modern equipment. Moreover, e-shop Velmet sells the target systems for shooting on very favorable terms.

Buy target systems in Ukraine

Are you the owner of a professional shooting range or paintball field? Are you looking for affordable, but at the same time, high-quality equipment for designing military ground, actively exploited by fighters who improve their military skills? We offer the target systems in Khmelnytskiy with the possibility to deliver to the regions. In case of a need to deliver an order to foreign countries, please contact our manager first for specifying delivery details and arrangements.

It is now possible to buy the target systems in Ukraine without major investment, which means in other words that an increasing number of soldiers, volunteer participants and people who wish to learn how to use weapons, will be able to improve their skills in professional shooting ranges. We offer favorable terms of purchase to wholesale and retail customers.