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Target Double Swinger

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Target Double Swinger is modern equipment for working out fast and accurate shots on moving targets, which is actively used in the training of Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters, paramilitary units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine, representatives of security structures. The Velmet manufacturer offers the production of double Swinger targets on demand, according to the requirements of the world standards of quality and safety. You can buy reliable and durable targets from the Ukrainian manufacturer without serious time and financial spending, using convenient functional of the online store Velmet.ua.

Purpose and Design Advantages of Target Double Swinger

The Double Swinger Target consisting of two independant targets-pendulum, which can be activated by a accurate shot on the counterweight independantly of each other. Double Swinger target,whose price is affordable to a wide range of consumers, is easy to set up, depending on the tasks set by the instructor.

To correct the amplitude of oscillations, it is enough to change the height of the counterweight. Through this, it is possible to complicate the exercise for fighters with a high qualification, or, opposite, to allow newbies in military affairs or sports shooting to improve out the initial skills of handling weapons. As a rule, The Double Swinger  Targets are installed on an open shooting range. The stable stand is masked and not visible from the shooter position.

  • Get reliable and durable equipment that is made of high quality metal and wood-coated material (target "tongues" will serve much longer than paper and cardboard targets). The build quality of the product is also undeniable by experts and active military personnel.
  • Save time and money. The cost of the targets of domestic production is quite competitive, and the ability to order them in the online store eliminates the need to search for the necessary equipment through stationary military stores.
  • Choose the most convenient payment and delivery option. We can arrange the delivery of target equipment, tactical gear, bulletproof vest covers, other items of military equipment to any region of the country and abroad by popular courier services and personal transport of the company (by appointment).


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5 095 грн.

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