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Armor plates

Steel Hard Armour Plate VELMET-ARMOR 4

The armored plates for bulletproof vests manufactured by the Ukrainian Velmet Armor System is a reliable protection against direct bullet hits that are discharged with weapons of different models. Moreover, the plate of hardened steel will effectively secure a soldier from shrapnel and rebound. Our company offers to buy armored plates in Ukraine at low prices and directly from the manufacturer without commercial surcharges and unexpected fees!

Advantages of Velmet armored plates

The brand history of Velmet Armor System begins with the volunteer movement, which was founded during the antiterrorist operation in the Donbass. We could not let die dozens and even hundreds of our soldiers because of the armored vehicle absence and protective bulletproof vests. Professionals of Velmet Company achieved to harden the armored steel with a unique composition.

The armored plates for bulletproof vests, which you can buy in our e-shop, have excellent protective features. They are suitable for use with such bulletproof plate carriers as Perun-1, Perun-2, Perun-3, Perun-4, Perun-5. Today we offer following models of protective items:

  • Velmet armored plates ARM 550;

Allplates weproduce are made with VelmetA RMOR ─ high-quality armored steel. Metal thickness is 5 mm; top layer forms a damper on and polymer with anti-ricochet features. Such design significantly improves the protective features of plates. The armored plates, which you also can buy online, have passed all the necessary tests. Our certified production fully meets national and international standards.

Buy armored plate on our website at Velmet.ua

We cast the plates for such bulletproof vests as Velmet ARM 550 by applying a modern equipment technology. The plates are able to ensure protection of the vital organs from bullets and shrapnel when they are used together with our bulletproof plate carriers.

We offer advantageous and convenient conditions for retail and wholesale buyers to cooperate with us. There is no opportunity to buy the armored plates ​​in Khmelnytskyi? No problem! We arrange delivery of our products to other regions by popular delivery services!