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Tactical Belts and Harness

Tactical belt is an important part of soldier’s equipment. This military accessory originates from hard fabric belts, supporting participants’ uniform trousers of the world's great battles of the past. The current models of tactical belts, in addition to its primary task, perform a number of other important functions. Velmet offers to purchase a tactical belt Z-TAC 01 and other functional elements of the military equipment at an affordable manufacturer’s price!

Tactical belt is the cornerstone!

Tactical belt is a new, progressive revolution in the production of military ammunition. We cannot say that regular military belts are not in demand in anymore, but at the current stage of military affairs development, they obviously lose in a competition with a reliable and multi-functional accessory.

Along the perimeter of a waist fabric of the universal mounting system Molle, a holster, pouches and other tactical equipment, used during the execution of important tasks, can be easily attached. A fastex functions as a reliable protection fastener from accidental undoing.

For tailoring tactical belts, we have used a high-quality and durable Cordura material with a special steep, which makes the equipment’s element invisible in the lenses of night vision devices. To provide a maximum operation comfort, our experts included a special mesh material that expels the sweat.

You can buy a tactical belt in our e-shop in a few clicks.

Do not miss your chance to purchase one of the cornerstones of a tactical gear, and do not forget to complement the belt with functional pouches!

Three years ago, it was problematic to buy online good quality army belts and tactical belts in Ukraine. The expensive tactical equipment made by world famous brands was mainly represented in e-shops.

We decided to change the situation, presenting a range of quality domestic products on the market. We showed items of tactical and protective equipment and military style clothing. You can order the necessary elements of military ammunition through our e-shop. We offer a prompt shipment of goods to the regions of Ukraine by popular courier delivery services. In case of a need to deliver an order to foreign countries, please contact our manager first for specifying delivery details and arrangements.

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