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According to Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumers' Right”, the consumer has the right, within 14 days, to replace goods of appropriate quality with similar ones if the goods did not fit in shape, dimensions, style, color or cannot be used for their intended purpose, but provided that the goods have not been used and remained its market condition, consumer properties, seals, packaging, documents.

If, at the time of the exchange, a similar product is not on sale, the consumer has the right to purchase any other goods, or receive money back in the amount of the cost of the returned product, or exchange the product for a similar one upon the first receipt of the corresponding product for sale. When returning money, settlements with the consumer are based on the cost of the goods at the time of purchase. Money is returned within seven days.

Consumer requirements are considered only after clarifying the name of the customer and the order number, a complete set of goods, packaging, consignment note, return statement. Replacement or refund is possible only if all conditions and procedures are followed.

You will be denied a replacement product or a refund if:

  • a product that does not have significant shortcomings is not new; was in use;
  • more than 14 days have passed since the purchase of the goods;
  • when checking the quality of the goods, signs of extraneous interference were detected (opening, attempted repair) or other conditions of warranty service were violated;
  • there is no document confirming the fact of the purchase of goods, a complete set of goods.

Please also note that according to paragraph 3 of article 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumers' Right”, the consumer is obliged:

  1. Before starting the operation of the goods, carefully read the operating rules in the documentation for the goods provided by the store;
  2. If necessary, obtain clarification of the terms and conditions of use of the goods - before using the goods, seek clarification from the managers;
  3. Use the product in accordance with its intended purpose and adhere to the conditions (requirements, norms, rules) established by the manufacturer;
  4. In order to prevent negative consequences for the consumer regarding the use of the goods, adhere to the safety rules provided for by the manufacturer in the product and the special rules provided for by the operational documentation, and in the absence of such rules in the documentation, adhere to the usual clear safety methods established for goods of this kind.

Return and replacement of goods sent by the Velmet store to different cities of Ukraine is carried out by the buyer returning the goods by delivery services, including «Nova Poshta».

If the reason for the return or replacement was the inadequate quality of the goods, then the store takes charge of the return shipping.
If the purchased product was of good quality and the buyer took it from the Nova Poshta pick-up point (did not refuse after inspection at the pick-up point), but the product for some reason did not fit the buyer within 14 days of receipt, then the return shipment and also the transfer of money (cash on delivery) is carried out by the buyer.