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Grenade pouches

Grenade pouches are a popular type of military equipment that is used to store, carry and transport the ammunition. Ukrainian manufacturer of tactical equipment, the VELMET Company produces several varieties of this type of equipment: • Tactical pouch for 1 grenade • Army pouch for 3 grenades • Pouch for 5 (40 mm) grenades Clever design provides quick and easy access to ammunition, as well as their reliable fixation during storage and transportation. The bag for a grenade has a semi-rigid construction, allowing protecting the grenades from scratches and the effects of negative climatic factors. As the main material, the state-of-the-art Cordura fabric is used, which is successfully complemented by high-quality Belgian fittings. Special IRR and DWR fabric processing ensures an increased level of protection against water and oil, as well as against the rays of the IR spectrum. Due to this, a pouch for grenades is not detected by thermal imagers, resistant to extreme temperatures (-60C ... + 60C), endures friction and is able to withstand a lot of weight. The innovative MOLLE system is designed to attach pouches to other military equipment and military clothing. Velcro textile fasteners attract with ease of use and durability. The internal space of the pouch is distinguished by a well-thought-out and convenient arrangement of cells made of nylon string. The lower part of the product has a drainage hole through which water flows out (when going through reservoirs or during heavy rains), and also small rubbish is poured out. In the catalog of the Velmet online store you can quickly and profitably buy a pouch for grenade launchers and hand grenades. Each product has the necessary quality certificates and meets all technical requirements for military equipment. Using a convenient and intuitive interface, everyone can quickly select the necessary option and place an order. On the pages of all models presented a detailed description of the product and a few different photos. If necessary, you can get free professional advice from our managers and learn more about a particular model. We will help you choose the best version of army ammunition, taking into account exactly your situation and personal priorities.