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Shooting Targets

Classic Mini-Popper Target SGT.003.001 image 33
In Stock
Gong target 200 * 200 (on stand) SGT.022.001 image 140
In Stock
Gong target Classic Popper SGT.012.001 image 65
In Stock
Gong target D200 SGT.018.001 image 22
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1 363 UAH
Gong target D200 * 10 (on stand) SGT.004.001 image 139
In Stock
Gong target for high precision firing 300x400 mm SGT.30x40.001 image 1321
In Stock
Gong target for high precision firing 300х450 mm SGT.30x45.001 image 1323
In Stock
Gong target for high precision firing 500х750 mm SGT.50x75.001 image 1328
In Stock
IPSC Classic Target SGT.011.001 image 34
In Stock
Stand hanging armored for gong targets SHA.001.001 image 141
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Steel target - gong D60 SGT.020.001 image 144
In Stock
Steel target - gong D90 SGT.021.001 image 145
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Target equipment is an important item of the military training to practice shooting skills from all types of small arms. Metal targets are actively used to compete in practical shootings and during their preparations. The owners of professional shooting-ranges also need to purchase such equipment.

One of the main specialized activities of Velmet Company is the production of targets and gongs made of steel armor Velmet ARMOR ARM-550. We are proud to be able to present a decent target equipment of the domestic production on the Ukrainian market, which is superior to the products of world famous brands in many ways!

Shooting Targets from Velmet : hit at the bull's eye!

Are you tired of changing the short-lasting cardboard stands or paper targets after each shot magazine? Do you want to increase the effectiveness of shooting lessons? Did you set an ambitious goal and want to achieve it as soon as possible?

Target equipment for practical shooting is made at our production capacities in Khmelnytskiy with the use of modern equipment and the use of advanced technologies. The company products have passed certification and met all the standards set for this type of product. To optimize the preparation process of professional shooters, we offer target and gongs of the following types:

  • Round, suspended type
  • Mini-popper
  • Octahedron (metric)
  • Pepper-popper
  • RPG №9 (rocket-propelled grenade target)
  • Breast shape
  • Gun detachment
  • Classic popper

We are also ready to offer our customers available and ready-to-order target stands and installations that are worthy of professionals’ attention. We send the products in unpainted form, so that you will have no doubt about the quality of the material used for the production targets. We respect the opinion of customers of our products and value our reputation, and this is what gives the best guarantee of 100% original and durable goods!

Buy gun target equipment in Ukraine

Targets and gongs in Ukraine can be bought at very nice prices, thanks to the optimization of the production costs, storage, and advertising our products. We offer a decent quality product, the price of which is significantly lower to foreign analogues.

Do you want to buy a target-gong in our e-shop now? Take advantage of our functional website or contact a consultant by phone. If you want to find out more about Velmet products, you can find the information on the website and our social networking pages!