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Military Hat/Cap

The headdress is an integral attribute of the uniform of military personnel, representatives of units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, SBU, security structures, and volunteer battalions. Comfortable caps and panamas made of high-quality wear-resistant materials are also in demand among hunters, fishermen, participants in extreme hiking and scientific expeditions, and fans of military-style in everyday clothes.

Military hats in the assortment of most military equipment manufacturers are available. Unfortunately, their quality is not always keeping with the stated characteristics, but the success of the operation largely depends on how comfortable the fighter will feel while performing combat or tactical mission! The Ukrainian manufacturer Velmet offers tactical hats that meet the current military standards and are in no way inferior to similar products from world brands.

You can order tactical clothing and hats at favorable, economically reasonable prices by using the convenient functionality of our virtual military shop!

The main types of military hats

Choosing and buying a military headdress is a task that needs to be approached as responsibly as buying a basic kit of tactical equipment. If a few decades ago, the assortment of hats for military personnel was limited to several uniform models, today in military stores there are many modern functional products for reliable protection of the head from cold, wind, rain, direct sunlight, insects, and there are also models with IRR, which are invisible at the sight of night vision devices.

Military hats are divided into the following types:

  • By gender - male, female, unisex.
  • Seasonally - winter, summer, demi-season.
  • By style - caps, panamas, helmet caps, peakless caps, berets, arafats, hats, fur caps, hats, etc.
  • According to the availability of additional elements - with Velcro, fasteners for adjusting the size, various clamps.
  • By type of material - natural (cotton, woolen), from mixed fabrics (cotton / polyester, cotton / nylon, etc.), from synthetic fabrics (polyester, fleece, etc.).
  • By color - camouflage, monotone, combined.
  • By purpose - uniform, tactical, urban, etc.

Popular tactical headwear models

The most popular model among the military is a tactical cap with a hard visor of medium length, which protects the eyes from rain, wind, direct sunlight, and at the same time does not impair the view. Manufacturers usually supplement this type of headgear with Velcro panels for placing insignia, fasteners for adjusting the size of the product and other attributes typical for tactical and military clothing.

In conducting operations on rough ground and in open areas in the summer, especially when it is important to mask the head as much as possible, fighters wear tactical panamas with MOLLE slings for attaching camouflage elements, breathable inserts, and very small or medium width brims. The best models are with a clip that prevents the headgear from falling off.

If you need to protect your head with a helmet or hard hat, it is important to have a special helmet cap on hand. These hats are available in winter and summer versions. The most popular materials for making helmet cap are polyester, fleece. When sewing modern helmet cap models, smooth seams are used to prevent abrasion and irritation of the skin in places of close contact with the fabric.

Buy headwear in the virtual military store Velmet.ua

Tactical hats, which you can buy at a convenient time using the functionality of our online store, are sewn from high-quality materials (polyester, NYCO 50/50 IRR, etc.), using modern sewing equipment. Helmet caps, caps, panamas from Velmet do an excellent job with their main functions, they are distinguished by high wear resistance and functionality. In our online store of tactical clothing and equipment, you can also pick up tunics, trousers, backpacks, pouches, personal protective equipment, Load Bearing Equipment and many other military goods. To get acquainted with the full range of products, we suggest using the convenient e-catalog!