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Universal pouches

Universal pouches are designed for storing and transporting various small items: tools, small equipment, documents, mobile phones and navigation devices, first aid items, flashlights and other things. Sophisticated design of the product makes it possible to quickly access the elements of individual equipment.

In the VELMET online store you can select and buy 2 types of utilitarian pouches:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

All models are made using innovative Cordura nylon fabric, which consists of ultra-strong fibers of various thicknesses. The main advantages of the material are its high stability, low weight, durability, resistance to sunlight, water and dirt (thanks to a special DWR coating). Tactical pouch is invisible to thermal imagers, as it has IRR protection against infrared radiation. The manufacturer uses high-quality accessories from well-known Polish brand Alpha Technology. Using MOLLE fastening system, the pouch is firmly fixed on the army equipment. The inlet is closed with a nylon paracord and a fastex clasp. Thanks to modern fasteners, the universal pouch can be hung on body armor, backpacks and hiking bags or even military uniforms. This is very convenient for a soldier who has the ability to adapt a standard product to his own needs. You can arrange a pouch on the left or right side (the latter is recommended for left-handers), fill it with a variety of objects. The presence of a drainage hole in the bottom of the bag contributes to the rapid diversion of water (when crossing waterways, during heavy rains). The universal pouch with fasteners has a semi-rigid base, absorbs mechanical shocks and protects the contents of the bag from damage. By visiting our online catalog, you can quickly and profitably buy a horizontal or vertical pouch. All models are available in several colors - Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, MultiCam, and Black.

Using the convenient and intuitive settings of the site, everyone can choose the desired product and place an online order. If necessary, the consultants of the VELMET online store will provide extended information about the product, help you choose the model you need according to your wishes and operating conditions.