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Tactical gear

Tactical V-IFlex MED Pouch
Tourniquet Pouch CAT-7 LC G2 Coyote

Until recently, the residents of our country, and could not think that the modern military equipment will become as necessary in demand, as, for example, clothing, home appliances, furniture. In our country, there was no war ... but everything changed in one moment. Today, it is important to make sure that our defenders can use their potential at 100%. Unfortunately, it is not easy to achieve the effectiveness of combat missions without reliable and functional tactical equipment.

Tactical Gear: quality and reliability at the highest level!

Velmet Company is the Ukrainian brand, one of the main aims of which is the production of military equipment. We offer the Ukrainian products of a decent quality at reasonable prices from the manufacture. The military, fighters of volunteer battalions, as well as participants of airsoft teams and fans of extreme sports will fancy the military equipment and outfit, which you can buy in our e-shop.

We offer the following types of equipment:

  • Pouches
  • Holsters
  • Tactical belts and Duty belts
  • Elements of a modular system

All the products displayed in Velmet’s store, have successfully passed a test in fight and got a lot of positive feedback from professionals in military affairs. Our store offers items of military equipment, which can compete with the quality of military products made by the European and American manufacturers. We made our products available for a wide group of customers; therefore, it will be impossible for you to leave our e-shop store without a purchase.

Buy Tactical gear and Military equipment

You are looking for a military clothing and equipment shop in Ukraine which is worthy of your attention, but always face with unreasonably high prices, inattentive staff, the mismatch of photos and descriptions of goods?

Our e-shop offers to buy military equipment at the manufacturer’s prices in Khmelnytskiy with the possibility to deliver to the regions of Ukraine. We value our reputation and we never deal with suspicious merchants. Discover a new standard of quality service - contact our consultants and get assistance while shopping!