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Tactical Backpacks

Backpack tactical medical MBP Coyote
6 155 грн.
Bag for a rope on a leg
1 215 грн.
Backpack  Zevana RA-Sniper G2 V-Camo
7 835 грн.
SALE -30%
Backpack tactical assault ALP-02 Ranger Green
3 600 грн. 2 520 грн.
SALE -41%
Backpack tactical assault HCP-L Coyote
3 887 грн. 2 293 грн.
SALE -41%
Backpack tactical assault HCP-S Coyote
3 343 грн. 1 972 грн.
SALE -41%
Backpack tactical medical MBP-G2 V-Camo
8 296 грн. 4 895 грн.
SALE -41%
Backpack Zevana BAG-4-45л Coyote
5 136 грн. 3 030 грн.
SALE -41%
Raid Backpack UASOF-01 Coyote
3 600 грн. 2 124 грн.
Small tactical backpack Nic-Tac Black
2 751 грн.
SALE -41%
Tactical backpack for concealed carrying weapons SF
2 154 грн. 1 271 грн.
Zevana Backpack 4 - 80
6 626 грн.

A tactical backpack is a practical accessory, which is resistant to the negative impact of external and actively used in military practice.

Velmet Company specializes in the manufacture of protective elements and tailoring of tactical equipment, including functional backpacks with different capacities, in Khmelnytskiy. It is possible to buy a high-quality army gear of the Ukrainian production at the price of manufacturer!

Tactical backpacks:  benefits in use

It is a necessity in combat tasks of different complexity to have such a tactical element of equipment as a backpack. That is why the selection of military equipment item should be approached very seriously.  The outcome of tactical operations in combats depends on a soldier’s movement.

The use of backpacks for other purposes like hiking, hunting or fishing is also possible. The players of airsoft teams and people who develop survival skills in extreme situations can also test a practical feature of accessory.

Tactical backpacks, which are made of durable material Cordura 1000D and intended to hold things in 30-45 liters, are the most practical. A useful addition to such an item will be a universal mounting system Molle, placed along the perimeter. The color of the main product and fastening elements should depend on the characteristics of the terrain, where tactical tasks will be performed.

Buy tactical backpacks in Ukraine

You can buy tactical military backpacks in Ukraine through our e-shop. The prices for equipment and protective ammunition that are represented in our e-shop will pleasantly surprise you!

All residents of Ukraine, except for the temporarily occupied parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, can buy tactical backpack in e-shop Velmet Armor.  Delivery of orders is transferred by popular courier delivery services. In case of a need to deliver an order to foreign countries, please contact our manager first for specifying delivery details and arrangements.