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Gong target D200

Gong target D200

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schema_stalnaya_mishen_gong_d200_10The gong target D200 * 10 is a practical sample of the target equipment from the Ukrainian producer Velmet. This modification is ideal for testing aimed shots in a shooting range and in the field conditions such as exercises on the military ranges. The Armed Forces of Ukraine widely uses the targets D200 * 10 units for developing skills in application of training and combat weapons.

The main advantages of the gong target D200 * 10

Velmet Armor System Company is always ready to offer its customers the target equipment that meets the Ukrainian and international quality standards. We are constantly working on new and earlier improved models of gong targets.

The gong target D200 * 10, which is possible to buy at convenient time on our online store, has many positive characteristics. Here are the main ones:

  • Sound effect. The accuracy of the bullet hit can be determined by the characteristic sound of metal hitting against metal, which can be heard even at a considerable distance from the target installation.
  • Unique technology of hardening. We use the steel ARM550 for manufacturing steel targets. It is not the metal plate that is hardened but a ready target, which makes it stronger and more durable than the market analogues are. The "Triplex" technology involves the conclusion between the solid layers over softer metal. This method helps to prevent the formation of deep cracks on the working side of the gong, and greatly increases the service life.

• Easy mounting. A round shaped gong target features an ergonomic lug with holes for fastening with a help of chain or rubber bands. This model can also be used to complete the target system Bianchi.

Buy the target equipment in Ukraine

Velmet Company offers to buy the gong targets in Ukraine at prices from the manufacturer. In order to make high-quality target equipment available for a wide range customers, we have modernized production lines, optimized the cost of manufacturing and storage of products.

By using a convenient functional online store Velmet.ua, you can buy the target gongs, target stands and target installations, the quality of which have no doubt among experts and operating personnel. To learn more about the product, the conditions of its order and delivery, contact the competent managers of our military shop!

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