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Ballistic Face Shield Visor V-ARM

9 600 грн.
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VELMET Bulletproof Visor V-ARM - was designed to protect from shrapnel, fragmentation, fragments of explosion with a degree of protection
V50% - not less than 500 m/s

The visor is made of polycarbonate with the use of special gluing, due to which an increase in bullet resistance and weight reduction is achieved. Also, the special composition of the adhesive for bonding provides protection from ultraviolet light and excellent ballistic characteristics. The total thickness is 20 (22) mm. The visor is installed on regular side rails of ballistic helmets of all types.

Fastening is carried out using special clamps, which ensure quick installation and removal without the help of any tools. The visor can be fixed to the helmet in a horizontal, vertical or any other intermediate position. Protection area not less than 4.6 dm2.

Characteristics of the protective ballistic visor VELMET Bulletproof Visor V-ARM:

  • 1 level of protection against fragments according to STANAG 2920 CLASSIFICATION OF PERSONAL ARMOR. EDITION 3
  • Width - 142 mm.
  • Length - 278 mm.
  • Thickness - 20 (22) mm.
  • Radius - 122 mm
  • Weight - 1.15 kg.

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Bulletproof Visor V-ARM
9 600 грн.

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