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Lightweight inner tactical belt Coyote

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40 mm thick Hypalon panel is used as the material for making the lightweight inner rigid tactical belt. Plastic belt buckle and Velcro® panel along its entire length allow you to adjust its width. The inner hard belt is intended for use as a trouser belt and also as an internal belt element in tactical belts such as the Velbelt SF, VBB 1, LP-TAC.

Please note that when ordering a belt of a non-standard size, the cost will be + 20% of the cost of the site!

Among the main advantages:

  • Full length Velcro® panel
  • Absence of metallic elements
  • Adjustable length
  • Availability in sizes: XXS(belt size - 60-70 см.), XS(70-80 см.), S(80-90 см.), M(90-100 см.), L(100-110 см.), XL(110-120 см.), XXL(120-130 см.)
  • Textile fasteners (Velcro®) Alfatex (Belgium)
  • The buckle has rounded corners, which is safe and comfortable
  • The solid anatomical shape of the VELMET tactical strap is very comfortable
  • The product can withstand extreme temperatures, contact with water and the sun

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In Stock
307 UAH