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Кошка раскладная четырехлучевая

Collapsible 4-piece grappling hook

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A four-piece grappling hook is a reliable, durable, functional tactical tool designed by the progressive Ukrainian brand – Velmet Armor System. The possibility to attach it lets perform many tasks in the rough terrain. This tool has been tested in real-time conditions and it successfully proved itself in extreme situations.

A four-piece grappling hook, which you can buy right now by going to our website at Velmet.ua, features a container of usable shape and four short spikes.These spikes can be gathered into one by dielectric setting at the end, which significantly expands the functionality of equipment.

Advantages of a four-piece grappling hook

A four-piece grapnel designed by Velmet Armor System is a modern tactical tool that features a number of advantages, among which are the following:

  • Compact seize. During performance of important tactical tasks and long tourist expeditions every space centimeter of military or hike backpack counts and means a lot. That is why our designers created the container with four spikesas comfortable as possible, that it will not be any problem to place a folding tool into a pocket, pouch or to attach it to the belt or ALICE.
  • Durability. The spikes and container are made of hardened steel 40X, which gets through a special technology of hardening and chemical oxidation. The price for a grappling hook, which is set on our online military store, complies with high quality of this tactical equipment that can perform its functions for many years.
  • Reliability and efficiency. The spikes of grappling hookare installed in such a way that they provide a reliable fixation without any trace on the surface. The tactical equipment, presented on our online store, can be used for moving different items. The transfer of a grappling hookfrom the initial into the action position and backwards will not take much time.

 Buy a tactical tool in Ukraine

Velmet Armor System is a progressive Ukrainian brand, which is focused on the output and sales of products directly from the manufacturer of tactical equipment, tactical clothing, armor elements, tactical bags and backpacks. We put efforts to maximum optimize the costs on production and storage of products in order to offer a Ukrainian consumer quality and durable items at affordable, reasonable prices.

If you want to buy a grappling hookin Ukraine, do not overpay and choose a tactical tool at Velmet.ua. Our products meet world quality standards and they will not burden you with expenses!


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