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Target system "Bianchi" 8

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The target system "Bianchi" 8x200 is professional equipment from the Ukrainian brand Velmet, which has high strength and durability. The targets for shooting of this type are used extensively to equip private shooting ranges, sports shooting competitions, military sites, and the field exercises. Now, we offer the Ukrainian consumer two versions of the target system "Bianchi": six installed targets in a system and eight installed targets in a system. The round gong targets of different diameters may be attached to them.

The main advantages of the target instalnatiom "Bianchi" 8x200

The target installation "Bianchi" for 8 targets with diameter of 200 mm, which can be purchased on the Velmet.ua online store in a few clicks, has a great popularity among the units of the Armored Forces of Ukraine, the owners of private galleries, air soft sites. This target equipment has a sufficient number of advantages, including:

• Sonority. The distinct sound effect of metal hitting can be heard clearly at the shooting     position. This advantage spares an instructor and shooters from the distraction by checking the   accuracy of shots.

  • Durability. We produce gong targets from ARM550 steel and harden them by applying a special Triplex technology (hard layer - soft middle - hard layer), thus avoiding micro cracks effect.
  • Usability. A stable stand is equipped with ergonomically shaped fastenings for targets. The construction elements made of milling metal, which ensures their effective resistance to heavy impacts.

Buy the target equipment in Ukraine

Velmet Armor System offers to buy the target installation "Bianchi" in Ukraine with the possibility to deliver to other countries. In Khmelnytsky, you can purchase the target equipment, tactical gear, and armor protection by visiting our office personally. A reliable transport company carries out the delivery of goods to the regions.

We set extremely low prices on a wide range of products that makes shopping on Velmet.ua online store not only convenient, but also profitable. To learn more about the products, methods of payment and delivery of orders, discounts and special offers, please go to our convenient website or contact the competent representatives of our company. We invite wholesale and retail customers for a mutually beneficial cooperation!

Overall dimensions:

· size 950х2000х1200 mm.

· Weight - 100 kg 

   Targets are made for handguns and rifles up too .338

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18 635 грн.