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Target Texas Star

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Target Texas Star - installation for professional shooting and military training ranges, which allows one shooter to improve the skills of target shooting and rapid reaction. The Ukrainian manufacturer Velmet offers the active servicemen, representatives of the paramilitary units of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs an improved version of the popular target equipment, the reliability and durability of which is confirmed by tests conducted in the specialized testing center of the target equipment.

Purpose and Design Advantages of Target Texas Star

  • High resistance to mechanical effects. Hardened by special technology ARM550 steel, for the production of tongues  is used. Moreover, pre-assembled components are hardened , which allows to significantly improve the consumer characteristics of the product.
  • The durability of the design is ensured  by using a special technology - Triplex, which allows receiving a metal target with a hard outer shell and softer inner layer. This target can long resist the shots without the formation of micro cracks on its working surface.
  • Sound effect. The accuracy of the shot can be instantly identified by the characteristic sound of metal hitting. The sound of metal hit is perfectly heard from the position of the shooter and spectators.
  • The reliable stand and "beams" for attaching "tongues" are made of quality metal with modern anticorrosion coating. The design is highly stable and suitable for intensive use.
  • Easy to transport. Buy a Texas Star Target is a good adition for units that often have to take part in field exercises. You can disassemble and assemble the installation without having special skills. Design elements – tongues, star, stand with stem – are easily transported from place to place by any transport.

Target the Texas star, which you can buy on the online store Velmet.ua offers at an affordable price from the manufacturer, and it's able to change its position under the gravity effect. If the target hits exactly by "tongue", the target moves. The goal of the shooter is to shoot down all the gongs in a short time. During the exercise, both the speed and the number of cartridges used are taken into account

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10 000 грн.

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